ZPM - AC Shaded Pole Motor

Details & Specifications

ZPM - AC Shaded Pole Motor


Centrifugal Pump
and Motor Assembly

This high-performance economical unit is ideally suited for use in liquid electrostatic duplicating machines, humidifiers, advertising displays, office copying machines, photographic developing machines and similar applications. 


  • Two pole shaded pole AC, 6 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Rated at 15 watts, 1/200 HP. Impedence protected. Available high or low speed to meet application's flow requirements.
  • Zinc diecast plate for tank mounting.
  • Drive shaft column allows pump outlet to function as required in any position in a 360° circle.
  • Column, housing, and self-cleaning impeller of molded Delrin.
  • Outlets - standard vertical; single or double horizontal also available.
  • Inlet - flooded sump.