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       Planned Production Launch Q4-2020

Colmar Icemaker ColmarCOMAR LOGOIce-maker Status and Facts

  • Patent protected design
  • Development and evaluation period of 3 years before production launch
  • The only stand alone AC powered twist tray ice-maker

Market potential:

  • After market & replacement 
  • OEM applications domestic and international


Consumer Benefits

Ice Maker BenefitsSquare cubes are preferred by consumers as they are closer to commercial ice, dispense easier (and more consistently), and are more “user friendly” as they do not create ice dams when the crescent adheres to the side of the glass. Additionally, the twist tray executions typically take up less usable space which is a consumer benefit.

Icemaking Energy Usage

Twist tray ice-makers use a motor to twist the cube tray, releasing the cubes. The only energy used, other then freezing water, is the 10 second motor cycle which occurs during the ice harvest.


OEMs typically spend ~$1 per 1% energy improvement. 1% is ~4kWh/yr. Using this criteria, a twist tray is worth ~$10 in energy improvement if actual energy usage is used (based on the standard 84kWh/yr penalty).


To freeze 1.8lbs of water per day into ice uses about 40kWh of energy per year. This is a constant that is governing by physics (all refrigerators use the same energy to convert water to ice. Some applications can employ fans to accelerate the process which adds a small (2-3kWh) of energy.

Colmar Icemaker Picture3

Aluminum mold icemakers use ~120kWh. The heater uses 3x as much energy as just freezing the water. Icemakers that release ice by twisting do not require a heater and use energy that is ~40kWh


Best of Both Worlds


Wouldn’t it be great to have the consumer benefits of less space, easier dispensing and preferred shape while also using less energy with fewer service problems? What if such a solution were to exist AND be a drop in replacement for the high volume ice-makers used by OEMs?


The Comar Ice-maker has done just that. We have created an ice-maker which incorporates all the benefits of twist tray executions into a package that is a drop in replacement to “aluminum mold” ice-makers. This addresses consumer and OEM needs and positions OEMs well if there are further DOE changes to the energy star program.

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